Most Reliable Persian Rug Cleaning Services in Moonah

      Originating in Iran, hand-woven Persian rugs are beautiful works of art. These rugs are authentic and long-lasting. They are usually made of wool and feature intricate designs generated by sophisticated knotting and traditional dyeing procedures. That’s why these rugs need an experienced professional Persian rug cleaning expert to clean them safely.

      Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart has what you are looking for – Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair to look after your rugs’ cleanliness. We know that you must have invested well in your Persian rug, and the best way to prolong its life is to connect with Persian rug cleaning services.

      Our cleaning experts are excellent, and with the combination of their skill, experience and excellence, they can make your rug look like a new one in a few hours. Don’t you think it’s possible? well, you can see the results yourself by connecting with us for the best Persian rug cleaning in Moonah.

      Rug Maintenance Tips by Persian Rug Cleaning Experts

      Allow it to air out to help prevent moisture buildup

      Prolonged wetness in your Persian rug may cause mould, mildew, and decay, and wool carpets can shrink. Hang your Persian rug outside on a dry, sunny day at least twice a year, or more frequently if wetness is detected. A few hours of fresh air might help to minimise dampness and residual scents.

      Rotate to even out wear and fading

      Rotating your rug helps to equally distribute natural wear and minimise isolated regions of colour loss caused by sunlight and exposure. Ideally, you should rotate your rug every few months, particularly if it is in a high-traffic area.

      Clean Stains Immediately

      It is possible to avoid stains on your flooring by promptly removing any spills, but it might be difficult or impossible to undo any damage if you leave them.

      If you notice a stain right away, blot it off with white paper towels or rags. Coloured towels should be avoided since they may transmit dye into the moist rug fibres. If you need to scoop up surplus things, such as food, a rounded spoon is preferable over a knife. Never scrape or brush the spill as this may drive the stain further into the rug and cause fabric damage—always blot.

      These tips can assist you in emergencies and day to day cleaning. However, to keep your rug’s authentic look for years, connect with professional Persian rug cleaning experts now.

      Vacuum the Rug Regularly

      Always vacuum from the pile’s edge to the other edge. Vacuuming should be done every week, just like any other type of rug. Set the vacuum on a bare floor to avoid damaging the rug’s fibres. It is also a good idea to vacuum the rug’s back every year.

      Inspect your rug regularly for moth and beetle infestations. They may cause significant harm to the rug and are frequently discovered in floorings that are kept in dark places. Professional rug cleaners can give you more information about Persian rug cleaning in Moonah. So, connect with us now for assistance. Our Professional rug cleaners offer tips for you to take care of your Persian rug properly.

      Use Doormats

      The reason your rugs are looking dull is the heavy dirt and dust underneath their fibres. We understand that foot traffic is something that you can’t avoid at your home or office, but having a doormat can save you from getting your rug dirty. That’s a simple way to protect your flooring from piles of dust and dirt.

      Our staff is friendly and the experts can tell you more such tips and tricks according to your rug’s type. To know more about our services, contact us now. You can also connect with us for commercial rug cleaning services.

      Why Us?

      As the top rug cleaning service, we have an unrivalled reputation. We do not use any heavy machinery or chemicals at Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart. Every handcrafted repair and cleaning, whether a bit of frayed fringe or a complete antique rug restoration, is performed with the same degree of attention and skill that has earned us many clients all over Moonah.

      Our rug cleaning team is of highly skilled traditional artisans who have significant expertise restoring Oriental carpets, rugs, and runners from all over the world. Their expertise is part of a continuous heritage that ensures the survival of the art of Oriental rug manufacturing today. We have a name in the industry because of their expertise. Here is a list of our features.

      Our Specialised Rug Cleaning Services include:

      • Eco-friendly cleaning solvents
      • Same day rug cleaning services
      • Commercial rug cleaning in Moonah
      • 24/7 Customer support
      • Flexible cleaning schedule
      • Best-in-industry equipment and products

      So, contact us right away and get ready to experience a drastic change in the cleanliness of your authentic Persian rug.


      1. Do I need professionals for Persian rug cleaning?

      Yes. Persian rugs need to be cleaned with proper techniques. This may lead to the long durability of the rug. Professional rug cleaners with experience and expertise can clean your Persian rug without any harm or complications. It is always better to hand over the rug to professionals for cleaning.

      2. Can you provide emergency restoration services for rugs?

      Yes. We at Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart understand that emergencies can happen anytime. Therefore, we are open 24/7 to help you in case of an emergency. You can expect our cleaners at your doorsteps within an hour after booking.

      3. How to get a quotation for rug cleaning services?

      Our booking system is very simple and customer-centric. You can get a consultation and quotation by calling us directly. Feel free to call us at any hour of the day.

      4. Can I book rug cleaning services for weekends and holidays?

      Yes. Our dedicated team works all days of the week and year. You can schedule a cleaning appointment at your convenience.

      5. Which DIY techniques I should use to clean my Persian rug?

      Experts recommend cleaning the Persian rugs by rug cleaning specialist and not at home by DIY techniques. DIY ways may lead you to nowhere and it may also damage your rug, causing a waste of time, effort, and money.

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