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      Are you looking for the best rug cleaners or carpet rug cleaning service? Well, if yes then all you have to do is, contact Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart. We are honest, excellent, and trustworthy. For the last several years Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart is known for our excellent rug cleaning service in Hobart. We provide the finest services of rug cleaning at reasonable prices. We have an excellent team which is expert in cleaning all types of rugs and carpets. You can call us anytime and get a quote on call. Also, we value your time and understand the urgency and hence provide same-day and 24/7 emergency services. Our customer's convenience matters to us. You can schedule rug cleaning for weekends or public holidays too. Our dedicated team will be there to clean the rug or carpet as per your requirements.

      Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart is a reliable company for rug and carpet cleaning services. We can deep clean all types and sizes of rug or carpets. So, if you require the best rug cleaners in Hobart, call us without any hesitation. We use fully safe solvents and cleaning agents to clean your rugs and make them look like new ones. We aim to restore the warmth of your precious rug with the help of using advanced tools and techniques. To know more about our services and what we do, talk to our experts, call us right away.

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        Why Hire Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart?

        Additional to our professionalism, clean and honest work, we have an enthusiastic team that looks after your needs. Apart from this, we have several add-on services as mentioned below:

        1. Affordable Services: We provide excellent services at very reasonable prices. Also, there are no hidden policies for extra money. We are transparent about all money matters.

        2. Certified and Licensed Experts: Our expert team is certified and licensed. They are well-trained and have practical knowledge of all types of rug cleaning techniques.

        3. Reliable Service: Your rug is in safe hands. We choose delicate ways to restore the damage and make your rug regain its original look. You do not need to worry about your precious rug.

        4. Well-Experienced Company: We have several years of experience in carpet rug cleaning service. This makes us do this job without any complications. We use our experience wisely.

        5. Advanced Tools and Technology: At Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart our staff is equipped with all advanced tools and machines. We use the latest techniques to delicately clean your authentic rugs.

        6. Timely Services for Emergency Cases: time and hence we provide 24/7 on-site services. You can call us even at midnight for the services.

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          Methods for Carpet or Rug Cleaning

          Every different type of rug or carpet needs a different cleaning method. One cannot use the same method for all types of fabrics. Hence, we have listed some top methods used by professional rug cleaners in Hobart.

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            Shampooing: This is one of the oldest methods for rug cleaning. It involves the use of different shampoos for cleaning the rugs. We at Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart use green or eco-friendly solutions to clean the rug or carpet.

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            Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: The hot water extraction method involved both hot water and cleaning solutions. This procedure is best suitable for tough stains and hidden dirt particles.

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            Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning helps you to have a completely dried and clean carpet or rug. This is the easiest method for cleaning a carpet. We provide the best services of commercial rug cleaning in Hobart.

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            Bonnet Cleaning: This cleaning method involved a floor machine with a cleaning fur pad which is socked in cleaning solutions, it moves over the fabric and the dirt gets absorbed in that cleaning pad. This is a modern way of hassle-free rug cleaning and our professionals are expert in this method.

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            Encapsulation: Encapsulation is a cleaning method in which encapsulating chemicals are sprayed on the carpet or rug and then with the help of a rotary brush or cylindrical machine it is brushed against the fabric. This cleans the rug completely and helps you to get rid of tough stains.

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          The Standard Procedure of Rug Cleaning in Hobart

          We at Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart follow a standard procedure. However, depending on the type of material and damage caused, we use different methods and cleaning agents to deeply clean the rug or carpet. Our standard procedure follows below-mentioned steps:


          First of all, our experts inspect the rug to detect its fabric, quality of the fabric, damage and depth of dirt.


          After knowing what type of rug, we are dealing with, we eliminate the dry dust and dirt by vacuuming.

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          Extraction Process

          Once the rug is free of visible dust and dirt particles, we use the hot water extraction process for stain and dirt removal.

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          Drying The Rug

          The rug or carpet become wet by the hot water extraction process. It may contain some humidity that can cause mould or other issues.


          Once we are done with cleaning rugs, we perform a post-inspection to detect any unwanted dirt and dust particles for safety purposes.


          Pets can be cute but if they ruin your carpet or rug with a urine stain then you may get pissed off. However, there is a way to get rid of pet urine stains from your rug or carpet. You can call a professional carpet rug cleaning service and they will remove it without any complications. Call Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart today and make your rug stain-free without any hassle. We can clean the rug and hand it over to you within the same day of booking.

          Professionals have skilled, experience and training in rug cleaning. You can easily rely on professionals for safe cleaning procedures. We are a professional rug cleaner in Hobart and we know how to clean the rugs effectively. We aim to give your rug warmth and fresh vibes. Also, calling professionals will help you to get your rugs cleaned within a time limit.

          Yes. We at Spark Rug Cleaning Hobart aim to clean the rugs and restore their original glory. We use standard procedures, safe cleaning agents and the best methods for cleaning carpets completely.

          The method of rug cleaning depends on the type, size of the carpet and damage. Our expert team inspect the carpet before cleaning and decide which method will be most suitable. Accordingly, we go for the method that can be rug dry-cleaning in Hobart, hot water extraction method, encapsulation or any other method.

          Once you call the professionals to clean your rug, you do not need to do anything before they arrive. The professionals will take care of everything that is involved in the procedure of rug cleaning.

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